Forget Sydney: They're living here for the lifestyle

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By Troy Kippen

DON’T underestimate the lure of Mackay’s lifestyle for people looking to get away from the city rat race.

It was what appealed to Andrew Feneley and Jules Murphy when they were looking to move to Queensland.

The couple, who arrived in Mackay from Sydney about four weeks ago, to establish a FortyWinks franchise here said living in Sydney was “difficult”.

Blacks Beach home owners moved for the lifestyle

The pace was having an impact on their day-to-day lives.

In the end, with Jules living in Sydney and Andrew working in Wollongong, the couple started looking north for something different.

“We always wanted to move to Queensland. I guess that was the starting point,” Andrew said.

“I was a Rockhampton boy, and Jules was born in regional Victoria. We have the regions in our blood.”

But Jules had never been to Mackay or Rockhampton. She came to Mackay for a 24-hour trip with a friend and “fell in love” with the city.

“And the people. The people are so nice,” she said.

“We were just sitting at a cafe on Wood St and the food was so fresh.

“We have great restaurants in Sydney, but the produce here is fresher,” Andrew said.

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Both Andrew and Jules said Mackay’s city centre was a great asset for people here.

“It’s so worth it, you are going to attract people like us,” Andrew said.

“We want that cosmopolitan feel. We want to feel like we are in a modern town.

“We want to feel like it’s a good place to go out for a meal.

“That, as an investment in the future of Mackay, is excellent.

“People are moving out of the city for lifestyle. People want to move out of Sydney… or Brisbane.”

Everything has fallen into place for this couple, including buying their new home.

“We looked at every home in Mackay,” Jules said.

“I would spend hours looking on the internet.”

When they decided on a house, they had a long wait as it was under contact several times before they could make an offer.

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“It’s meant to be,” Jules said. “It’s airy, it’s bright…. it’s everything we could imagine in a family home that we couldn’t have in Sydney. It’s a great view. At night we almost have a skyline.”

She said it was another million dollars to go from a townhouse to a house in Sydney.

But ultimately the purchase of the home was another example of the people in Mackay.

“This place has got something for sure. It will grow and it will bounce back.”

Penny Wood Lane in Mackay sold the house to the couple. Director Paul Bryan said the Sydney couple’s decision to move to Mackay for its lifestyle was not an unusual one, and there was growing interest in quality properties in the area.

“It used to be a workers’ market, but now we are finding that it’s turning into a lifestyle market,” Mr Bryan said.

He said his agency was going to bring more higher end properties to the market soon, because of that shift.

Source: Troy Kippen, Daily Mercury 1st October 2016

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Forget Sydney: They're living here for the lifestyle